Erika + Kevin | Fall Engagement

After a few weather misfortunes, Erika, Kevin and I were redeemed by the most beautiful November day for our fall engagement photoshoot. The rain had passed and the sun was shining sweetly through the autumn leaves. It. Was. Marvelous.

The three of us met at Kensington Metropark near the farm area a few hours before sunset. Giddy to enjoy the animals and charming fall scenery. We laughed and played and took some really beautiful photos. The playful electricity that Erika + Kevin have for each other is utterly heartwarming. They are a joy to photograph, and frankly - a joy to hang out with!

Erika + Kevin… thank you so much for this lovely evening. I had so much fun cruising around and being creative with you guys! Thank you for all the prep you did prior to make this a success as well! I sincerely hope you love these photos, and they are a terrific start to our wedding photography journey ahead!



Madison Dresser