Baby Charlette | Michigan Newborn Photography

I was smitten the moment I laid eyes on little miss Charlette. I could not get enough of her cuddles! She is the happiest little baby, which doesn't surprise me knowing her Mom and Dad! Caitlin and Rob are just glowing with love for each other and their new baby girl. They are patient and kind and just all around wonderful people. Caitlin and I go wayyyy back to our elementary school days! We were two peas in a pod then, and I couldn't be more grateful that our friendship continues today! I had the honor of photographing Caitlin and Rob's wedding last year, and I am even MORE honored to have been a part of the birth of their first baby! Their adorable family of three will melt hearts!

Caitlin, Rob & Charley... words can not express my love and admiration for your family. It means the world to me to be such a close part of your lives. I am so happy for the three of you, and I look forward to visiting again. Little Charley Aunty Madison loves you!!

Madison Dresser