Colorado Dreamin' | Personal

I was recently invited by my closest friends to join them on their snowboarding adventures to Colorado. Mind you, I have never strapped a snowboard to my feet, nor even TOYED with the idea of riding it down a mountain. Ah! Luckily, with their love and support I took some lessons, worked my way through the sore tailbone and bruised knees... and before long I was packing my bags for our epic mountain adventure! We flew into Denver, shared some amazing meals, had the BEST time snowboarding on Keystone & Vail, visited the natural springs of Steamboat, shopped in Boulder, hot tubbed in the evenings in our amazing condo, and just had an all around incredible time together!

Kaylee, Jack, and Mike... I am so grateful for you three. Thank you for your ever loving friendship, patience, and guidance during this trip. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your support in teaching me how to snowboard and showing me the Colorado life! <3 

Madison Dresser