Baby Lincoln | Michigan Newborn Photography

Ashley and I grew up just a few houses down from each other. We spent cold mornings waiting for the bus together, played dress up after school together, and even faced the big scary world of high school together! From a young age I always looked up to her, and admired her beauty and grace. Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to spend the afternoon with Ashley, her husband Mike, and their beautiful baby boy Lincoln. All the feelings of admiration came rushing back to me the moment I saw Ashley with that precious baby boy in her arms. She is such a beautiful wife, mother, and friend. I felt so warm and welcome in their home, and I hope that their photographs have captured even a glimpse of their beautifully minimal, and nurturing lifestyle. Also, thank you so much Mike for being the best photo assistant around, and cooking us such an amazing dinner after the session. I wish all three of you well, and I can't wait to come visit with Lincoln again soon!

Madison DresserComment