Heather + James | Personal

Even with years of experience, it still hits me right in the nervous system when a friend asks to play engagement photoshoot. The pressure! I always preface with something like, 'So we're super into bright and floral and happy, right?' Luckily the answer's always yes because I have an incredible group of friends supporting me from all angles, and Heather and James were no exception.

Prior to our photoshoot we gathered for dinner at Chartreuse Kitchen & Cocktails in Detroit, MI. (If you haven't been there... go!) We laughed and calmed our camera nerves over small plates and spritzers before heading out to Belle Isle. The rainy skies cleared up perfectly and left us with the dreamiest light for a playful and rejuvenating evening walkabout.

Heather + James... freaking congratulations you guys! I'm so happy to see you both enjoying engagement bliss. Thank you so much for inviting Kyle and I to take these photos for you. I'm certainly grateful to be meeting all the wonderful friends in Kyle's life, and to be making awesome memories like these. Wishing you all the best along your wedding journey! 

xo Madison

Madison Dresser