The Joy of Second Shooting | Michigan Wedding Photography

I'd like to take a moment to discuss how beneficial it is to be a second shooter. For me it was a VITAL part of discovering myself as an artist. When I first had the notion to jump in an try this "professional photographer" thing, I didn't even know WHAT to do. I shared the fears that keep all budding photographers awake at night. What if I mess up? You can't redo a wedding day! HELP! 

Luckily dear ole' Dad reminded me that we all start somewhere. He's always says, "One foot in front of the other girl, that's why you have two feet." I rolled my eyes to this as a kid, but now I see the beauty in this thinking. I'm dreaming big for Light Garden and have ambitions to be a traveling family and wedding photographer. I yearn to fill my life with art, love and adventure! Though I dream about that basically every night, I remind myself to give gratitude to each smaller step I am taking along the way.

Which circles me back to second shooting. Are you thinking about getting into wedding photography? Second shoot. Are you unsure of your strengths as photographer? Second shoot. Have no idea how your speedlight works? Second shoot! I'm telling you... the insight you will gain is game changing. Even now that I am shooting professionally, I STILL enjoy being a second shooter. I learn so much from fellow photographers and gain clarity about my own strengths every time. Not to mention the pressure is off! Bonus!

So to wrap up this blog party, I wanted to share some photos from a wedding I second shot for my dear friend Eric Perry. Enjoy!

Madison Dresser