Emily & Jake | Michigan Wedding Photography

My relationship with Emily began over 15 years ago! She is the little sister of my elementary school best friend, Caitlin, but let's be honest... Caitlin and I were way too cool for our little siblings back then! Ha!I could have never imagined, in my 10 year old mind, how my friendship with Emily would grow through the milestones of her life. We reconnected when her precious baby girl, Ellie-Lynne was born. Emily and Jake are the warmest, most easy-going couple I have had the pleasure of working with. Their patience as parents is uplifting and it's a joy to be around their family of three (soon to be four)! Their wedding day was nothing short of magical! 

Emily and Jake... I wish you both all the happiness in your marriage! Your love and trust in each other is an inspiration. I cannot thank you enough for keeping me close to your heart! 

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