Sydney | Michigan Senior Photography

Go into the world and do well, but more importantly
go into the world and do good.
— unknown

I remember Sydney when she was just a little girl in this big world. It hit me in 'getting old' button when we booked her senior session! Sydney's mother Anna, is like an Aunt to me. She's been at my birthday parties, cut my hair, and remains friends with my family today. Sydney, Anna and I decided to jaunt downtown Rochester for Syd's senior session and it was lovely! Perfect weather, beautiful scenery and the lovely Miss Sydney - I mean look at this girl! 

Syd you are a beautiful young woman with a bright spirit. I wish you strength and luck during your senior year! I know you will do well in this world sweet girl! And Anna, thank you for being a supporter during the growth of my photography. Crazy to think the first time I photographed your daughters I was Syd's age! Whoa! Great catching up and I know I'll see you soon!

Madison Dresser