Rain or shine wedding photography in Detroit, MI

Hi I’m Madison!

The heart of this op. I’m a high vibe kinda girl and I believe that if you take care of others, others will take care of you.

I’m a born creative and spend my days girl bossing from my home studio in Detroit, MI with a coffee in hand and a cat in my lap. Photography is my credo and my heart is truly it’s fullest when I have what I jokingly call “camera face”.

I knew I was destined to be a photographer way back in my high school dark room days. I was so dang blissed out in that class I was practically floating. I went on to earn a BFA in Photography from Michigan State University and dove into the photo industry totally unsure of anything. Amiright? After exploring the realms of pro photo for a bit, a fire grew inside me to start a business of my own. So, I hustled hard and opened Light Garden Photography in 2015. I truly poured my soul into it, and am so proud of not only what Light Garden has become, but what it has done for my life. :)

Other than that, I spend my free time practicing yoga, soaking up the sunshine, dancing at all my client’s receptions, eating way too much at family dinners, and building a beautiful life with my dude Kyle whom I love so much I could burst!


I’m a(n):

Minimalist, extrovert, cat mom, dancing queen, giver of hugs, neat freak, optimist, + singer of catchy songs.

Things I like:

Milkshakes, jade plants, making lists, starry skies, snowboarding, dinner parties, loose leaf tea, art nouveau, seasonal scarves + movies with happy endings.

Things I don’t:

Loose ends, glitter, putting away the laundry, roundabouts, mushrooms, being cold, shower curtains, wrinkles in my clothes, clutter + waiting in long lines.