Finn, Devon + Indy | Personal

The word of the weekend was HONOR. It was my honor to fly out and visit an old friend Finnegan. My honor to find a new friend in Devon. And my honor to photograph and tell the story of their love. Cozied up in a beautiful cabin in the woods in western Massachusetts, these two have built a beautiful life together for themselves and their little guy Indigo. We spent the mornings sipping coffee and listening to Finn play the piano, the afternoons hiking and enjoying the outdoors, and the evenings curled up by the wood burning fireplace. My mind and spirit found happiness in every step, and I've since returned to Detroit with an overflowing heart.

Finn, Devon + Indy. Thank you. Thank you for your love and light. Thank you for the vegan meals and the tea house date. Thank you for the medicine journey and the sound therapy. Thank you for loving me as you love each other, and may our journey together continue many more journeys around the sun. I love you both deeply and I hope these photos are any reflection of how much it meant to me to spend this precious time with you and little Indy. My warmest hugs for you all!

xo Madison

Madison Dresser